Nov 1, 2008


i associate so many songs with such lovely memories, i thought i'd share with you my top few.

don't panic - coldplay.
play count : 263
aw, even writing this down makes me feel immediately happy.
clare and i had had the loveliest night
we watched cashback and then garden state
i love that movie so much
and we fell asleep to coldplay
and i just felt so at one with the world.
so comfortable.

skinny love - bon iver
play count : 148
this just makes me think of when i was walking over the bridge to southbank.
i was playing it out loud on my phone
but nobody cared, because it was so windy they couldn't hear it.
i was wearing stockings
my zebras t-shirt
a waistcoat
and doc martens
and i had just come back from having tea with clare
and it was the time when we had been talking so much we hadn't realised that it was actually 5 o'clock
and we walked out of aromas into the early evening.
anyway, i was walking over the bridge to see the group
for bek's birthday
and it was a couple of days after the group had made up
and i just felt so glad to be able to feel happy with them again
and not like i didn't belong.

mad world - gary jules
play count : 116
how incredibly cheesy that this would be in my top ten most played.
it just reminds me of
aw (:
times with rachel and natalie
back in the good ole days
i don't even know why, we never watched the movie together
but we discussed it.
i think i had watched it a little after that sleep over we had had too.
oh, such a great night ^_______^
i miss it.

anyone but you - the moldy peaches
play count: 111
aw (: aw aw aw!
as soon as i hear this song i'm shot straight back to late term 2.
clare and james were sleeping over at mine because we had to film for QUT START.
and i pulled out the guitar and started to play anyone but you
and we each sang it.
aw, i just remember feeling so happy.
it was my favourite song at the time.

i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
play count: 91
this was the first non-classical song that i learnt properly on the guitar.
which was kinda stupid in hidsight because it has a very atypical strumming pattern
it took me quite a while but i managed to work it out
man, i was so proud
hahaha (:

if i could talk i'd tell you - the lemonheads
play count : 84
I remember when i was searching around my dad's cd stash for interesting music at the tender age of 13,
i found this weird looking cd
and popped it into my computer
next thing i knew it
i was singing the lyrics and i knew all the songs
it was one of the strangest experiences of my life.
i had no idea how i could know all the lyrics when i hadn't even heard of the band.
that's when it dawned on me ; )
my dad used to play the lemonheads' album all the time when i was younger.
it made me feel so nostalgic.

colorblind - counting crows
play count: 76
this reminds me of nat and rach again (:
natsoolie taught us how to play it on piano
and we used to go to the city
and instead of hanging around HJs or whatever the cool thing is to do
we used to spend hours in allans.
hours and hours just playing the pianos, playing guitar
i used to sneak my capo in just so we could teach each other songs.
whenever i got sad at home, i played it on my little keyboard, and i just felt so happy to be friends with them.

boats and birds - gregory and the hawk
play count : 65
this song has several memories associated with it
the first was at art camp.
rachel and i snuck out
and sung it under the stars on the mini golf course
oh, it was so nice
i miss those days too.
so much has changed.

the other memory was in the little music rooms in K block.
i started playing the melody
and bek and i sung it (:
aw, it was so nice
and basically the whole group was there
and it was just one of those moments
where everyone could just sit.
nobody even needed to say anything
and you could tell we were all so happy to be in each others' presence.



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Laura said...

When I heard Don't Panic it immediately reminded me of Garden State. I love that movie to bits, and same goes for its complete soundtrack.

I always love it how music and memories are so related.

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