Dec 24, 2008

i'll have a blue christmas


blue christmas.
bright eyes' cover is the best.
if you're not familiar, check out my myspace.
it's on there.

i've had it on repeat all day.
it's gone from a measly 5 plays to (currently) 79.

i don't know why
i just can't seem to get into this stupid celebration.
all it is to me is another year off my life
and instead of reliving the memories
and feeling the happiness i should
i feel nostalgic, and saddened
because they're not here right now.

what a contrary girl i am.


emmanuel said...

i don't know what is this blog about. paraps just about your life. i just know that i love the pictures. You are only 16 years old but your pictures are better than mine. I big surprise for me. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas sophie! & yes, I love your photography skills as well.

God bless you and your family.
Take care!

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