Dec 20, 2008


whenever i clean my bedroom i put rave-y music on.
i don't know why but it always gets me in the mood to clean.

and i always procrastinate the cleaning by altering clothes
todaay's alteration is a shirt that i bought the other day from an op shop.
it's a sup pop records* one. (L)!

and the week before in noosa i stumbled upon a rather interesting find.
a vintage leather skirt. yum yum

i'm bringing nineties back ;)
with a 13 dollar outfit.
photographing ensued.




*these guys have producesdrecords from artists like
- the jesus and mary chain
- the shins
- the postal service
- iron and wine

ie. lots of really good bands.

1 comment:

heretic said...

band of horses, foals :)

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