Jan 10, 2009

oh, wow.


my eleven year old brother
said this .

i have this idea for a novel,
it's only little
but its a start,

there's this seer guy, right?
and he says to his son, or whatever.

"you know what?
don't worry about the past.
because it's the past, and it's gone.
and don't worry about the future
because it's what's going to happen
and you can't do anything about it.

but the present
you should treat it like it is.
a present."

a present!
the best advice i've ever been given
was by a child.


Elle est où ma caisse? said...

i love your blog
its amazing

what camera do you use?

natalie said...

where did i get the photos done? :P
DICK smith?

i hope that's what you mean, wahee

kimberley said...

your brother is a very wise eleven year old.
some very good advice!





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