Nov 1, 2009

hang in there

i'm still alive! [barely]

i have my maths exam in three days, i want to die.

the following is my grade 12 film. i've been a bit iffy about showing it because, well, let's just say i'm not so so happy with it. [also the quality is oh so bad. but whatever.]

but yeah, i feel guilty about not updating so here you go!

Elle N'était Plus Là from Sophie Richards on Vimeo.

also, check out pocketto's newest issue,

i've been featured in it, which is nice of them (:

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[click the image to go to their website]


CHRISTINA. said...

jesus, you are amazing! your film was really wonderful. you should be so proud!

Liv said...

Your film was brilliant, I loved it.
Good luck with your exams :)

Lux said...

amazing film
i didn't know english people could pronounce that well (haha sorryyy)
is it your voice?

Emma said...

What are you talking about you don't love it?? It was awesome and cool. I wish I could make something like that. I also love the narrator. Is it you? Oh ... it reminds me of just how much I miss France.

Good luck on your exams!!

sophie said...

thanks so much guys ^____^
you are all too too kind!

and yep, that's me speaking. (:

Anonymous said...

maaan that one's great!
a little scary, though, the 'take-me-with-you'-wisper really got under my skin *-* very well done, your voice is absolutely impressive!

JSotiriou said...

What a sweet blog :)

youve got a lovely voice :)

Laura said...

Loved your little film, you should love it too! And you have a really good French accent! x

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