Feb 4, 2010


Something you might not have known about me.. I went to a French school in Ireland and am virtually fluent :). (And I know lots of colloquialisms, QACI kiddies).

But anyway, considering I has no monies, I have decided to offer French tutoring for 35 bucks an hour or 20 for half an hour. Which is pretty flipping sweet/cheap, because I've heard people pay ridiculous prices for tutors.

The good thing is that if you hire meee, then you will a) Know me, b) Not have to pay through the nose and c) I'm actually kinda good, not to blow my own horn or anything. (:

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1 comment:

Mallory said...

That's cool.
I don't need a tutor though, I'm doing pretty good in French.
Goodluck though, and cute ad.





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