Aug 11, 2010

Oh my goodness!

I am the absolute worst blogger ever!
It has been ever so long. First my computer broke.. then I lost my Photoshop disk... and I only just managed to finish editing my Europe photos. And then all these other photos have built up since and it's making it such a huge chore. Really need to have a sit down and forget about Uni assignments and sort this all out. Phew.

Here are a couple photos to feed your imaginations.. I am so so sorry they're so shitty. I am in a creative rut. Ugh. ):

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

I have missed you guys!


lavelle said...

I've missed your posts, cant wait to see the Europe photos xx

Carissa said...

your blog is too beautiful <3 i'm following :D can't wait for your next post!!

Andy King said...


I adore the photo on your header. It's so weightless.


Anonymous said...

aaarh! Summer in Europe looks fantastic! And your fam is gorg. Are there EuroPics to come?!

Alexandria said...

I gave you an award. To see it, go to my blog. :)

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