Sep 4, 2010

lust for life

"Oh, I wish I had a suntan
Oh, I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine
Oh, I wish I had a beach house
Then we could make a big fire every night

Instead I'm just crazy, I'm totally mad
Yeah I'm just crazy, I'm fucked in the head"

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So tired of being tired and annoyed at people who complicate things. Life should be as simple as possible. It's already too complex as it is.

I am in the biggest creative rut right now.


pearl. said...

i love it,
i simply love it.

Shala said...

love this song, and these photos.
and i totally know what you mean.

Karolina said...

you have an award from me on my blog!


michelle_ said...

stunning portraits !

NINA said...

amazing shots!

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