Jul 19, 2011

Are you having your formal or semi soon?

Do you want some nice photos to remember it by?

I'd love to shoot your pre or post!
Send me an e-mail on | sph.rchrds@gmail.com | to discuss prices!

I'll give you the edited images on a CD but prints will be available if you wish!

You kinda need to live in Brisbane, too.... Unless you want to fly me somewhere ;).


Lucie said...

Brisbane? Not quite...I live in Germany. God dammit. You take the most amazing photographs, I wish I had had someone like you taking pictures at my formal. Now they are all blurry and I can't even identify myself on them, haha :D I love love LOVE your blog. Greets from here to there! :)

Ola. said...

start doing wedding parties or something soph. students don't have decent money, married people on the other hand..

chachamisu said...

i love the pictures!





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