Sep 12, 2011

Same same

But kinda different.

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Sorry for more similar photos but I'm absolutely enamoured by this patch of light that falls in a square on my wall in the afternoons. Yum yum yum.

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In other news, I've added a new section to my blog (below my photo header). It's my savings account for Europe. It's a bit pitiful but I'd love for you guys to help out (even if it's just a dollar). I deliberately don't put adverts on this blog for you guys (because I really think it detracts from the images) so if you could help out I would absolutely love it!


Alica said...

lovely :)

Caithlin said...

Pretty pictures, wow!

Merveilleux ▲ said...

Beautiful lightning!

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely lovely. i'd love to help you, but i'm trying to save because i'm moving for my own new house..

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