Aug 18, 2008


- Every night I put my hair in plaits
Only to wash the kinks out the next morning
- When I feel sad I like to imagine I am the only person in the world
And I wander around the house thinking what it would be like to have nobody there for me
- Sometimes, if I listen to a very moving piece of music, it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my body.
Those moments are what I live for.
-Secretly, I wish I was anorexic.
- On average, every week I waste approximately 43.5 hours of my whole life on sleep.
This is on a good week.
I wish I could make a montage out of peoples’ expressions as they opened their birthday presents.
- When I feel angry I go for a walk and frown at everyone I see
I then feel really guilty and this takes my mind of whatever I was angry about.

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