Nov 3, 2008

10 things i have come to realise about myself

just recently.

1. When in a stressed environment, i often act as though i am intoxicated.
Not bumping into walls, just really really really overly happy. and giggly.
2. I talk to my cats.
Only when they're sitting in a weird position on the stairs or something like that. But still.
3. There is something up with my mood if I am not sure which music to listen to.
4. When i really concentrate hard, I put my hair up on the top of my head.
It looks like I'm wearing a mop as a wig. ever so attractive.
5. In order to procrastinate studying, i have to come up with elaborate reasons as to why i'm not doing.
as to not feel guilty
this night's reason was because i was slighty traumatised due to being attacked by an above average beetle.
and needed a bit of photo editing and myspace chatting in order to recuperate.
funny thing is i'm not actually kidding. |:
6. i care too too much about trends.
and 'my things' becoming popular
it's stupid to be possessive about it. but it really gets me here *points to left of chest*.
7. i rely on 'new friends' in my life to whine to.
honestly, it's a cleansing process. just recently i didn't have my usual new acquaintance to get close to.
which was quite an awful experience.
it's so much easier to confess things to people who you believe will not judge you.
8. i'm beginning to wish my life away
i wish i would stop.
being 18 has been my dream ever since i got really HARDCORE into music
which was when i was about 13?
it's getting tiring. and i'm not getting any older.
9. it still doesn't feel like people read this.
i don't know, usually when people blog they sensor what they write
i use it as a way of confessing. not big things
just little ones.
i don't really mind.
10. my blog is becoming very word-y and not very photograph-y which is beginning to get on my nerves!
sorry sorry sorry.
the only photos i've been taking are analogue ones on my cheapass disposable camera.
and the business is making me far too stressed to even think about taking photos.
): <



annie and carlotta said...

so you've been wishing to be 18 for about... 6months now? ;)

sophie; said...

hahahahaha, carlotta i hate you (:

musucbf said...

i talk to one of my cats- Meiko, she is the best listener out of them

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